Distraction Therapy

Just what it says on the tin!

Distraction Therapy should be used alongside your normal medication to begin with. It is something you do that keeps your mind off the pain, whilst concentrating on something else.

With me, playing an online game called World of Warcraft is my distraction therapy. I try my hardest to immerse myself and role play also. I need fewer back up medications and while I am playing my pain does not seem as bad. I have also been very lucky and made some amazing friends from all over Europe and because they don’t see me in the wheelchair, I can be a normal person.

The main problem I have is I play to long in one session and when I come off line the pain hits me hard. So although I am a firm believer in distraction therapy, I still need to learn a lot about it myself, as to how my body copes with it and seeing how much time I can play before I know I need to take a break and then be able to go back to it.

Building this blog is also a distraction therapy and I really hope it can help someone, but even if it doesn’t, it is helping me while I build it. I also meditate and find it very useful to chant something when I know I am going to cause myself a lot of pain, like getting up from my bed, walking, you get the idea. You can choose whatever you want you to chant, as it has to help you.


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